Our Fantasy from MY Point of View

“There,” I said, finishing the final adjustment on your shirt and making sure it covered everything it needed to cover. “The picture of perfectly presentable masculinity.”  I turned you around to face the full length mirror in my bedroom.

You looked yourself over in the mirror, checking to see if you could tell anything was out of the ordinary about your appearance. “Well, I’ll be damned,” you said, “you’re right.”  Your 6’2″, broad-chested frame was clothed in the outfit of your clothing I had chosen for you to wear that day, boot cut dark-wash jeans, a silver grey t-shirt, and a deep eggplant colored, short sleeves button down shirt over it, with freshly polished black combat boots.  Your look of casual yet tailored masculinity was perfect… The perfect disguise for what lay beneath. 



Beneath the thick denim fabric of your jeans, underneath the socks cushioning your feet, your legs were encased in beautiful fishnet garter stockings.  Your balls were cradled firmly in a pair of lacey mesh panties the same color as your shirt.  Around your neck, a freshly polished sterling silver chain rested on your chest with a silver ring hanging from it.  Inside the ring was engraved “du bist mein, wie ich bin dein” (you are mine, as I am yours), the same phrase that was written on the inside of the anklet around my ankle.  What was unseen to the untrained eye is that the chain around your neck was permanently locked in place, a collar to properly mark my property.

I had also applied the most discreet makeup possible: a tinted moisturizer, eye liner in almost the same color as your skin tone, and a very subtle long wearing, kiss proof lipstick in the same color as your lips.  Even you could barely tell you were wearing any makeup… But you could feel it, and we both knew it.

“My Lady,” you said, falling to your knees and hugging my hips, “you have done spectacular work! Thank you.”  I hugged you back and took your head in my hands, turning you to face me.  “You are welcome, my pet,” I said, and gently, tenderly kissed your mouth. My lips lingered on yours for endless seconds as I poured all the love, trust, pride, and desire I have for you into the kiss. We stayed like that, lips softly dancing as pulses began to race and heart began to build between us.  I broke the kiss and grinned mischievously down at you.  “We’d better stop that,” I said breathlessly, “or we are never going to get out of here, and I have lots of fun things planned for us.”  I helped you to your feet and cupped your crotch, feeling your erection straining the fabric of your panties.  I smirked wordlessly, turned towards the door and crooked my finger behind my shoulder, beckoning you to follow me.  I stopped at the door to allow you to open it for me, repeating the action as we got to your car and you opened the passenger door for me.  I settled in as you started the vehicle, waited until you had shifted the car into drive, took your hand in mine, and off we went to start our day of delectable, covert kinky fun.


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